Let us make your dream of owning
a Keppner boxing business come true.

Our four core company values represent the most critical aspects of growth for counter boxing:
  • Excellence
  • Growth
  • Community
  • PSP (Positive, Sincere & Professional)
We know that through these values, we can accomplish our only mission: “Positively impact as many people as possible through the discipline of boxing and fitness in a safe and supportive environment.” Also, we impact many business owners, including prospective ones, by bringing them onto a team where they can set targets and achieve them.  The benefits of owning your franchise comprise a sense of control, pride, fulfillment, and building generational wealth. You shouldn’t focus on only business ownership because owning the right franchise is how you can speed up your path to success. Over 90% of small businesses fail within the first five years, but 75% of all franchised small companies are still successful within that time. We are the perfect fit for you if you want to hold yourself to a certain standard, put in the hard work required for success, and believe you can follow the mission, be a good learner, and be a good leader. The results will be more outstanding and satisfying now that you have us in the picture. Do not hesitate to grab your opportunity to scale.  Since Keppner Boxing Franchises and brand Keppner Boxing started in 2013, we championed the importance of integrity in business. Our partners and clients choose us because of our undiluted loyalty and prioritizing their needs over ours. We help business owners dare to face the cold hard truths, difficult circumstances, and various challenges. Our excellent service to entrepreneurs has helped many businesses overcome challenges and emerge victorious with a sense of identification and knowledge, allowing us to constantly strive to provide solutions, even for issues not yet discovered. Thus, we adopt a progressive approach that positions your business for success.  There is no better company to trust with your plan for a better life. Invest in your future with us. Let us make your dream of owning a Keppner Boxing business come true.